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Finding the Right RC Plane for You

Owning and flying RC Planes is one of the most beloved hobbies in the world. It gets kids out from in front of computer and TV screens and into nature to do something that teaches patience and coordination in a fun and physically engaging way. The only group that loves and benefits more from flying radio controlled planes is adults!

Choosing the right plane depends largely on the pilot's skill level. Learning to fly an electric radio control flyer, for instance, is much simpler than navigating an RC jet plane! But that's really the beauty of the hobby - it gives everybody room to grow and improve their flying skills gradually while getting to try out different types of aircraft.

Beginners should generally start with an electric flyer plane to acquire a feel for RC joysticks and general aerodynamics. These models tend to be relatively affordable, durable and allow the pilot to develop his or her basic flying skills at a manageable speed and altitude.

More advanced pilots have a serious need for speed and this is where things can get really exciting! Higher-end planes and jets are faster, have longer control ranges and many models aren't electric, but powered by a bonafide, internal combustion engine, which means they run on fuel and are serious flying machines. Some of these aircraft clock speeds over 200 mph!

Over the course of time, this hobby will let you fly RC planes, jets, seaplanes, gliders, drones and if you get REALLY good, you may even wind up piloting a full-sized RC aircraft. Welcome to the greatest hobby on earth!

Featured RC Airplane Products

Shopping around for the best deals on high quality RC planes, but can't find everything you need in one place? If so, you've come to the right place. RC Planes Warehouse in an all-inclusive web shopping destination for remote controlled planes in a number of varieties, as well as for accessories, spare parts, electronics, and more. From simple RC bi-planes to RC jets, warbirds, and even helicopters, RC Planes Warehouse has all of the sky-bound electronics you need for gift-giving, hobby upgrading, and even collecting.

If you're unfamiliar with RC planes, you should note that there are critical differences between the individual plane types available. RC warbirds, for instance, are designed to look like miniature versions of authentic fighter jets, while RC bi-planes have that more old-fashioned appeal. Don't take outward appearance to equate to internal technology standards, however. An RC bi-plane can have similar or even more advanced components than an RC jet plane. It really boils down to the price point of the plane you select, the brand's known product quality, and how complex the machinery for the model your purchase is. Gliders will often have the fewest electronic components to maintain, so go with those if you'd like to avoid overly complex RC plane machinery and maintenance.

RC Planes Warehouse purposefully stocks a wide array of spares for both external plane parts and internal electronics. Novices, particularly children, will often attempt to perform aerobatic maneuvers beyond the capability of the planes under their control. This can result in damage from crashes, collisions, and other unfortunate turns. A broken wing or a busted propeller can keep a remote controlled plane grounded indefinitely, so replacing a damaged part is a necessity (unless you'd prefer to purchase an entirely new plane).

Like all modern electronic devices, RC jets and other aircraft rely on electrical power to operate. Since it would be nearly impossible to strap on a power cord to a plaything that soars into the sky, miniature batteries are used instead. Having a primary battery as well as a backup battery is always a good idea, as you can charge one while the other is in use. If you don't do this, you will be forced to wait to use your RC device again until the single battery in your possession has been recharged. Fortunately, RC Planes Warehouse carries a number of spare batteries and chargers in our parts and upgrades collection.

Flying a remote controlled plane around should be a carefree experience. By outfitting your plane with the right equipment, and having all necessary spares and backups at the ready, you can avoid extended downtime and arduous repair procedures. So pick up everything you need at RC Planes Warehouse, and take to the sky whatever way suits you best.